The company was founded in the late 70`s by Gisa and Adi Kaiser.

    They started their business with being a supplier for mailorders who
    couldn`t get repeatorders from their original suppliers in time. In those
    days head office was the Kaisers`appartment and the living room served
    as a showroom.

    Nevertheless the business grew fast. But the spirit of these days is still
    present: Nothing is impossible.

    In the late 80`s during the decline of the Sovjet empire Kaiser was one
    of the first German clothingcompanies who succeeded in starting the
    manufacturing-business in this area.

    Today the company`s business consist of two divisions: on the one hand
    supplying the mailorder-business with it`s special demands and on the
    other hand being a supplier of big department stores and retail chains. 
    Kaiser is a strong supplier of the world largest mailorder company,
    the Otto-Versand group as well as Germany`s biggest catalog named
    Quelle. Important clients in the retail-division are Karstadt – biggest
    departmentstore of Europe -, the Metro-group with it`s big departmentstore
    Kaufhof, C&A, Peek und Cloppenburg.